About Me

Hello, I’m James and im 25 years old, and like to most of the people, diets were my archenemy.
Ever since i was a child i lived by the philosophy of “food is too good to avoid” and “technology and medication are the solution to everything”. Until i realised how wrong i was.
By the age of 22 when i was in college, i was 363lbs and on High Blood Pressure medication, nearly half a step away from diabetes and probably a heart attack. Even then i was reluctant to change.

At some point i started pushing towards the 370lbs and my health just gave up, i couldn’t run nor have a good night sleep, every week i would have an hypertensive crisis, and my blood glucose was 100ish most of the time. This is when i decided to make a change.

I started on dieting, visited several nutritionists and just as i feared, every single one of them suggested i should leave ALL the kinds of foods i liked. Nevertheless i started the journey and lost around 40lbs, BUT I WAS MISERABLE, eating every 3 hours and only vegetables, fruit and steamed chicken. Needless to say, i was about to give up.

How i came across the Ketogenic diet.

Despite the progress, the burden felt too heavy to carry and, against every advice i decided to go back and explore what i thought was a “fad diet”, it wasn’t keto, it was Atkins, i tried doing it for a week and i failed because i did it wrong.
I didn’t want to just drop it off, this time i was in and for life, so i started my research until i overheard someone calling atkins “just another keto diet”, right then and there i found the gate to the ketogenic lifestyle.

I’m not going to lie to you, it was hard at first, but mainly because of my lack of knowledge. I failed and troubleshooted more than once for almost a year, i had doubts and it was really worrisome at times but i made it happen.

A ketogenic diet might very well be the only reason i can stand here today at 25year old and 215lbs, willing to give anyone advice and knowledge about the diet that contains the foods i like, delicious recipes and provides shocking results on one’s health.