The right mindset, the right food choices

Most of the trouble people have while entering any diet comes from themselves. There’s no doubt that food is delicious and we need it to stay alive. Funny enough, everyone seems to be forgetting about the second part, nourishment.Think about it for a second, what foods do you like? Why do you like them? Have you ever thought “I LOVE HOW I FEEL WITH THIS FOOD”? If you haven’t, I have bad news for you: You’re only eating food because it’s delicious, and need to rethink your food choices.

All dietary guidelines seem to suggest cutting processed food and adding more raw food. They also suggest eating more carbohydrates, and I can see why they do it. Fruits for example have sweetness and nutrition while junk has mainly flavor with zero nutrition. Probably they think this will make it easier for everyone to do the change. But I disagree.

The best thing to do is make their mindset turn 180° and go the opposite way. FOODS ARE NOT MEANT FOR PLEASURE, they are meant for nourishment and you SHOULD CHOOSE THEM LIKE SO. Why? Simply because an improvement in your nourishment will most certainly improve your health. There are some crazy examples to this such as THE REBOOT JUICE FAST from the documentary “Fat, sick and nearly dead”.

I’m going to leave the full documentary below but first I want you to pay attention
to this 2 simple points:

  • What are his food choices for the juice? (Certainly a chocolate shake would taste better)


  • What do people say? “I think it’s unhealthy” (Well, a juice with a ton of micronutrients vs a tasty shake and zero micronutrient snacks, which sounds healthier?)


Most certainly he got leaner from not eating so much food, but was that what made him healthier? NO, it was the rich micronutrient choices. Here it is, judge by yourself.


Leaving poor micronutrient JUNK FOODS it’s a start nonetheless, if you are choosing fruits over donuts, you are on the right path, but there are even healthier choices, such as vegetables. Once you realize you are feeding your health, and not your tongue it becomes easier.

Any diet should start here, changing the perspective you have on foods. And the ketogenic diet is no exception. In fact I think it’s one of the best diets that helps you give that 180° turn. On a ketogenic diet you should only be consuming 30grams of carbohydrates, meaning you need to be a Pro choosing food, because carbohydrates are the richest foods when it comes to vitamins and minerals, and when you’re consuming a limited amount you have to pick only the very best.