Carbohydrate foods allowed on the ketogenic diet

Everything seems peachy while entering a diet, you’re all motivated and determined to reach your goal, but for many, the trouble begins when choosing the right foods. There is no doubt your diet should have foods you like, nevertheless it has to have enough micronutrients to cover your needs. Nobody wants to be malnourished. To make the right choice you need to know what are the foods allowed on the ketogenic diet.

What foods have carbohydrates?

Straight forward the foods whose main content is carbohydrates are: Cereals, legumes, fruits and vegetables.

  • Which ones have the higher micronutrient content? Vegetables!
  • What do we avoid on a ketogenic diet? Processed Food, Sugar and Starch.
  • Which ones have the less amount of sugar and starch? Vegetables!
  • Now I ask you, where do you have to pick your carbohydrates from?

I hope you answered vegetables. Now, let us move on, there are many kind of vegetables, so which ones do we pick? Well we go after the cruciferous vegetables. Cruciferous vegetables are very well known to have one of the highest (if not the highest) content of vitamin C, Soluble fiber and phytochemicals (The kind of antioxidant and antiaging GOOD STUFF you want)

List of carbohydrate foods allowed on a ketogenic diet

  • Broccoli
  • Swisschard
  • Spinach
  • Cabbage (Both, purple or green)
  • Zuccini
  • Lettuce (EXTREMELY LOW Carbs, you can eat a ton! Use as a filler)
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Asparaggus

Wait, you can add some other stuff such as:

  • Chayote squash (I cook it the same way as potatoes! Even French fries)
  • Cactus / Nopal (Peeled and cooked of course)
  • Tomatoes ( I prefer cherry tomatoes, but both are fine if you take their carbs into account)
  • Onion (Purple or white)
  • Peppers (Bell peppers are the best, keep an eye on the spicy ones, they tend to have higher carbohydrate content)
  • Pickles (they have a higher carbohydrate content than you might think)

That is pretty much it, there are plenty of ways to cook them so, you don’t have to worry about variety. Trust me, I have been doing this for almost 2 years and I haven’t even tried all of the ways of cooking them.

Did I not mention your favorite vegetable? DO NOT WORRY NOR STRESS! YOU CAN HAVE ANY OTHER FOOD as long as it meets the requirements above (No sugars, no starch, high micronutrient content).

TIP: DON’T FORGET TO KEEP YOUR CARBOHYDRATES UNDER 30g! some foods have higher amounts despite them being vegetables.