Why a ketogenic diet?

Are you wondering if a ketogenic diet is right for you? What have you taken into account? What foods do you like? What health-related issues do you have? How does your body reacts to carbohydrates?

Those are just a few questions I would suggest you to answer before you know if this lifestyle is good for you.

What foods do you like?

This is a great question that everyone forgets to ask. I mean, seriously what kind of foods do you REALLY LIKE? I know you are probably thinking “oh I love cake”, “oh I love pizza”, “my favorite food is soda”. If that is you let me ask you something, do you think of those things as REAL FOOD? (please take into account that real food has a fair amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients in general to keep you well nourished)

Ok, then ask yourself again, what FOODS do you like? Is it fruits? Vegetables? Meat? Legumes?
It’s harder when you think about real foods huh? Well, while you try to work that out for yourself let me tell you what happened to me.

Turns out the food I really love is meat, and probably cereals. So for me it came down to this: “Do I want to keep eating cereals but ONLY low fat meat? Or do I rather quit cereals and have any kind of meat I like? Well, it wasn’t an easy choice to make, but I quit cereals. How’s it going to0 be for you?

What health-related issues do you have?

This is a major one, and I’m talking about diabetes, hypertension, cancer, autoimmune diseases, epilepsy, etc. Let’s talk diabetes, do you know what it is? Well put it simple is a high amount of glucose in blood due to a low level of insulin. Do you know how does your body gets glucose? It does so from carbohydrates, I am no doctor, but it strikes me as funny how for many many years people have been thinking: “if I eat fat I will get fat”, but they never think “if I eat glucose, I will get high glucose”. And I know that is not exactly the case, but it’s a line of thought that would make people reconsider their food choices.

The ketogenic diet and diabetes.

I’m not going to get into a lot of detail here, and you have 0 reason to believe me, in fact I would much rather have you not believing me and researching by yourself.

On a ketogenic diet, you cut pretty much all the fast glucose generating foods, therefore your body doesn’t get glucose spikes, meaning it won’t need insulin spikes which ultimately translates into better glucose control. I’m NOT telling you, this WILL cure you, but it will definitely help. (PST, like on any diet you will have to be extra careful to really take care of your condition)

The ketogenic diet and hypertension.

There’s actually no known specific cause of hypertension, however it is known that losing weight, lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride count, and managing your electrolyte intake (Sodium, Magnesium and Potassium) is a HUGE HELP to control your blood pressure. And yes, you guessed it, the ketogenic diet can do that for you.

The ketogenic diet and epilepsy

Epilepsy was actually the first disease for which the ketogenic diet was implemented. Some researches noticed that seizures were less common during a fasting state, so they used a diet that “mimics” this state, or so the story goes. Later on, they found out that the state of ketosis changes your cell’s metabolism, which could help “stabilize” your cells.

To me, a low carbohydrate diet is the obvious choice for the #1 HEALTH PROBLEM, obesity. Even more so a ketogenic diet, because when you’re obese, you have a lot of fat stored, and when you’re in ketosis, well… you’re constantly using your stored fat for energy, do that for long enough and the storage will run out!.

So if you ask me, why a ketogenic diet? I would say: it suits my food preferences, it helped with my hypertension, and my insulin resistance, so WHY NOT. Seriously, check out this girl’s progress for instance!